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Hypnotherapy Success Stories

Quit Smoking / Stop Smoking
“After trying the patch, gum, cold turkey, I finally turned to hypnosis after smoking for 24 years. Thanks for giving me my health back Anita! ”
Susan M., Plattsburgh NY

From a 58 year old client who not only became a non-smoker but also improved his sleeping: "Overcoming the challenges one faces in smoking cessation can be quite daunting, in light of the producers of smoking products attempts to infuse cerebral stimulates combined with the well documented tobacco/nicotine addiction. Champlain Hypnosis addresses not only the physical hurdles but the mental awareness and tools needed to combat and overcome the smoking habit. Thank you “Champlain Hypnosis” for my answer to better health and a smoke free existence." Anonymous, Vermont

A man who had been smoking for over 20 years, came to see me to quit smoking and admitted right away he was skeptical. Since he had started smoking secretively with his friends when he was a teen, he had quit several times, but always drifted back being tempted by his friends who smoked or a stressful situation. He explained to me that his close friend had recently quit using hypnosis and was so happy and thought he’d “give it a try”. Even with his skepticism, he was pleased he was able to go into trance easily and after the first session his cravings had gone way down. We worked to understand his triggers and how he could get his needs met in other ways to support his health and personal goals. He was able to visualize himself in trance going about his day all without a cigarette. By the time his last session came around he proudly announced he was a non-smoker, was feeling more energetic and the timing couldn’t have been better because he had just found out his wife was expecting their first child!

Weight Loss / Lose Weight
“Anita is an amazing Hypnotherapist. Her calming voice and gentle nature are well suited for this profession. Anita taught me how to do self-hypnosis. I spend 10 minutes every morning putting myself in a relaxed state and giving myself positive messages. It's a wonderful way to start my day and has helped me lose weight and keep it off. “
Carol, Shelburne Vermont

“Over the years numerous diets started and abandoned, lots of exercise equipment and classes purchased and under-utilized … finally a source for understanding of myself, for generating motivation and real progress toward becoming the person I truly want to be is being achieved through hypnotherapy sessions with Anita Germain. Any uncertainties I harbored about the use of hypnotherapy were resolved within my first meeting with Anita. At all times I felt safe, calm, and that my privacy was completely protected; through her guidance I now have a deeper perception of myself and feel in control of all areas of my life, not just diet and exercise motivation for which I initially approached hypnosis. Each in-office hypnosis session was extremely relaxing and, at the same time, offered deep reflection. The CDs she provided and instruction for self-hypnosis allow me to reinforce and continue the progress I’ve made. Thank you, Anita, for your guidance and for making hypnotherapy so rewarding."
C.M., Southern Vermont

After one session to control emotional eating and cravings, this client who mainly binged out of boredom wrote: “Things are going well at home with the tools you gave me. I don't listen to the cd daily anymore but do pull it out when I feel I need it. I am still using EFT and it is working great. Thanks. ”
Rachel, Saint Albans, Vermont

“I’m doing quite well with my weight loss, even considering the holidays. I’ve lost approximately 18 pounds so far. I like not feeling stuffed after meals. My husband encourages me to listen to the CD the first thing in the morning, and that works well.”
Anonymous, Ticonderoga, NY

"I found myself snacking during times that I was not hungry and was beginning to put on weight as well as have health concerns. I ate proper meals, but perhaps after 30 minutes I was in the refrigerator or cabinets looking for something to snack on. After just one session with Anita, my snacking ceased. Her sessions and follow up CDs were the answer along with my desire to cut back. Thanks to her for my success and perhaps living a bit longer, while still enjoying a nice dessert after a meal."
Patrick, Central Vermont
P.S. Shopping for a new smaller size belt!

“I have been listening to your cd daily and have been using EFT for more than just the food issue. I have been able to get rid of cravings I never thought possible..thank you. I really appreciate your help. The knowledge I gained will help me towards my ultimate goals. Thanks again."
Anonymous, Saint Albans, Vermont

“Anita was thorough. She was respectful of what I consider private. Hypnosis is very positive. I have better control of what I choose to put in my body. “
Mary Sleeper, Ferrisburg Vermont

Fertility / Infertility
"After trying to get pregnant for 6 years, I decided to visit Anita for hypnosis in conjunction with IVF. I found hypnosis particularly helpful because it made me feel like I had some control over the
process of getting pregnant. I also found having the personalized CDs especially useful. Now I am pregnant with twins and I went back for a session focusing on visualizing a healthy pregnancy for me and the babies."
Susan, Burlington, Vermont

After several sessions of working with this single woman who wanted to be a mom, she sent me this note: “I took clomid last cycle and so far so good, but I think I'm a wee bit in shock. ”
Anonymous, Burlington, Vermont

"It was great to work with you and find someone who really understood the emotional process of struggling with infertility..I felt very validated. The one time experience of using EFT with you provided a powerful and lasting release/lightening of emotions in a way that I am not sure talk therapy would have gotten to. " [This client is happily pregnant!]
Laura, Burlington, Vermont

"Carrie" (named changed for confidentiality) had spend a lot of time and money trying to become pregnant. When she came to my office, sex had become something she needed "to do". She was about ready to give up on her dream of becoming pregnant. Without any clear diagnosis of an issue with either her or her husband, they felt their situation was hopeless. They felt as though there was no remedy for them and they were spending money they should be saving for an adoption. Carrie was extremely stressed out. Our initial work was focussed on reducing her stress and getting balance back to her body. She felt "out of whack" from all of the different hormones she had been taking. As I learned of Carrie's past and how she had been abused, we worked on her beliefs about herself, using regression. She responded quickly, using her cd's at home to re-inforce our in-office work. After two months of working together she called to say she was "naturally" pregnant. She found it beneficial to continue to use hypnosis to reinforce her positive pregnancy.

After one session I received this note: "I'd like to cancel our appointment for 2/18, since the reason I had originally come to you for has now been changed, with my unexpectedly quick pregnancy. I will definitely keep you in mind should I ever need your services again. It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you so much for taking the time and care to work with me."
Anonymous, North Ferrisburg, Vermont

“After years of failed cycles, I knew I needed a different approach. This allowed me to reduce stress, to focus on a successful outcome and imagine my life the way I wanted it to be. I got off the merry-go-round of infertility appointments and had a terrific pregnancy and birth. I now have a beautiful daughter and someone who calls me “Mommy”. This is why I became a hypnotherapist.
Read my Bio by clicking here.
Anita Germain, South Burlington Vermont

Fear of Flying
“I did listen to the cd on the plane, and used the techniques you taught me, and it did definitely help. Thank you! ”
Renee Provost, South Burlington, Vermont


This client reported feeling jumpy, worried about everything, not sleeping well, and having difficulties in her relationships before we started hypnotherapy. She worked with the recordings we made in her sessions and hear is what she wrote to me: "The hypnosis has made such an impact on my overall health and mental well-being, I feel like I am in a really good place. As I've said before, it's been night and day!"
Kathryn, S. Burlington, Vermont

A note from a University of Vermont student athlete using hypnosis and EFT to end panic attacks around end of year finals and athletic performance: "Around the time of finals and end of classes, the hypnosis and body wisdom cds helped me relax at the end of the day. The strategies must be working. I will definitely keep them with me to use in the future...THANKS!"
Anonymous, Burlington, Vermont

A client's comments on getting unstuck thinking about the future and the past: "I've been using the EFT and hypnosis recordings off and on for the last few weeks. I can honestly say that I've experienced a huge difference in how I view my life and experiences, and I'm so much more in the moment than I was...Thanks a bunch Anita!"
Abbey Lamos, Vermont

“I was right in the middle of the worst of my anxiety attacks (panic attacks) when I had my first hypnotherapy session. I was worried that I would not be able to relax enough to be hypnotized. Anita’s calm demeanor and soothing voice quickly put me at ease. Not only did the attack cease, but I was quickly able to enter a deep state of relaxation. Although my anxiety attacks did not stop immediately they were significantly better after only one session. Anita gave me a CD with a practice relaxation session. I listened to the CD several times a day at first. This was extremely helpful. I also returned for two more sessions with Anita. With each session I was able to reach a deeper state of relaxation, and able to explore my anxiety attacks a little more. I remember everything that happened while I was hypnotized. After only 3 sessions my anxiety attacks disappeared completely.” To read more of this testimonial click here.
Anonymous, Saint Albans Vermont

Sleep Apnea / Insomnia
After decades of not sleeping well and feeling anxious, here is what George had to say after two sessions: “I want to thank you for helping me. You have brought me to calmness and a state of relaxation so that I am able to handle any stresses so much more easily. I am sleeping better and am now able to go back to sleep when I wake at night, which I was unable to do previously to coming to you. I wake up and feel rested. Thank you so much!”
George Mendoca, Vermont

Stuck / Lack of Focus / Traumatic Event
Toni had difficulty starting projects and staying focussed. She was trying to heal from a traumatic situation, and felt like something kept holding her back from her goals. We did some burden release work, and dissipated much of the anger around the traumatic situation. She learned some quick two minute techniques to help her feel better throughout the day. Toni was great about doing her hypnosis work on her own with the cds we had made of the sessions. This is what she wrote to me six weeks later: "My goal for 2013 is to accomplish a lot of tiny goals one day at a time. Thank you so much for teaching me these techniques, I have so much more focus now when tackling a project. I hardly use the tapping any more, as I do not get so easlily overwhelmed. I try to go into trance two to three times a week. Sometimes just for a short time before bed to calm my mind for a more restful sleep, and other times to destress or get motivated. Coming out of trance with a calm mind and clarity of what's important is so addicting. Everyone should learn this."
Toni J., Vermont

Fear of Snakes
Ted never made it to the pet shop before Christmas to test the hypnosis and EFT (tapping) work we had been doing for his lifelong snake phobia, but something better happened. He took his visiting grandkids to Echo, a science museum, and did not know they had snakes there. He turned the corner upstairs and there were three snakes. So the surprise element was there, which is why it was better than visiting a pet shop. And guess what? Not only did he not run and leave the snake area of Echo, which is what he reported he would have done in the past, but instead he peered in and leaned against the glass of their habitat to get a closer look. He peered especially at the eyes and how they moved which were key areas of our work over the three session leading up to unexpected snake discovery. His wife said "I can't believe you are looking at these snakes. That hypnosis is really working for you." Success! He actually said he is looking forward to spring and discovering the snakes on his property and he is going to learn more about them before then.
Ted R. , South Burlington, Vermont

Fear of Driving / Anxiety
"Tom" (named changed for confidentiality) had lived many years with a fear of having a panic attack while driving and losing control. Whenever he would see a car in the rear view mirror or on the side of his car, it would set his heart to racing, his palms would sweat, and he would become nauseous. In general, he would lose his confidence in his ability to drive and to focus. After three sessions, Tom found not only had this fear been eliminated but he felt more confident in other areas of his life as well. Hear what he has to say: “First of all I could not even express my gratitude to you and your profession. I was not skeptical but more unsure than anything. I walked in and found a comfortable setting with an amazingly open and patient woman. You made me feel relaxed and comfortable to be as open as possible. I grew in leaps and bounds when speaking of confidence levels and understanding. I was able to experience certain anxiety levels exiting my body forming one of the most incredible experiences in my life. You give people the tools they need in order to move on with their lives in a caring gentle manner. Thank you Anita.”
Tom, Montpelier, Vermont

Fear of Vomit/ Anxiety / IBS
This client had a life long fear of vomiting. The nausea she experienced during her prior chemo treatments compounded her anxiety. She had stopped going out or even leaving her house for anything more than a short errand. Here is what she said after three sessions, when the fear of vomiting was gone and her anxiety (and the IBS symptoms that went along with it) had improved: “Things are great, I am at a much calmer point in my life once again. The hypnosis and EFT have helped tremendously."
Nancy, Montpelier, Vermont

This twelve year old was always worried that it was going to happen, that someone nearby would vomit and she would lose control. G.P.'s phobia made her feel scared, sweaty, stopped her breathing, made her face red and her whole body tense. The fear was especially bad during the school year, when she was around sick students or students who were talking about feeling sick, nervous for a presentation, etc. She wanted to feel normal at school, to go the fair, to go on whale watches and to be able to comfort sick friends. After one session of trance work and tapping using acupressure points, her phobia cleared. We were both surprised by such a quick result, in her words, "believe it or not, I already am feeling better about everything. The tapping is working really well. Thanks for helping, I never thought I could do it!"
G.P., Chittenden County

"John" (named changed for confidentiality) came in after having a 12 year fear of public restrooms. This phobia proved to be enormously inconvenient, as he would need to "hold it" for long periods of time when at work, travelling, going into Burlington from Northeastern Vermont, going to dinners and parties. Because he was embarrassed about his fear, he had not even shared it with his medical doctor. At the age of 33, he decided he had had enough, and wanted to be able to use any restroom, even if there were people talking just outside of it. In one hypnotherapy session, after getting to the root of the issue (some phobias do take more sessions) he was able to use public restrooms once again.

The work with this client started with back pain and quickly moved to the core issues of getting unstuck in her life. Here is what she had to say about the process: "On my first visit I was instantly met with a sense of comfort and a safe feeling. I have returned several times and each time I leave, it is with less of the "lost and loss" feeling. It is a feeling of lightness. I welcomed "my space" there. It was truly about me. It was what was inside of "me" all along: my strength, my positive, secure "me". I'm feeling better. I think just going through the process when I needed it got me to a good space. I have found my space and place. Now for me to remember this space as I continue my life path.
Phyllis, South Burlington, Vermont

“A skiing accident had left me with almost constant leg pain. I couldn’t ride my bike, do yoga, or hike with my dog. Even sitting in the same position at work or bending over to pick up something from the floor would trigger my pain. I worked with a physical therapist for 6 months which made my pain manageable. However, I was resigned to the fact I would have to take a pain reliever almost daily and still battle a low level of discomfort for the rest of my life. 

After my second visit with Anita I was amazed how my leg pain dissipated. I can ride my bike, do yoga, and take my dog on long hikes without any discomfort. I can’t remember the last time I took any pain reliever. And, although there are times my leg will get stiff, I have enough body awareness now to know when to give myself a break and avoid any pain.

I will happily and enthusiastically recommend Anita’s professional services to anyone who asks. I truly believe had I not undergone hypnotherapy treatment, I would still be in pain today. My family, my dog and I are now enjoying all of the activities we love. And, I feel blessed to have discovered a positive, healing resource in Champlain Hypnosis.
Beth Yendrek, South Burlington, VT

Bed Wetting
I love working with kids. Here is a note from a mom of a twelve year old boy I worked with for two sessions: “I wanted to let you know that Isaac (name changed) has been doing great. Thank you so much…it has worked tremendously. ”
Mom in St. Johnsbury area, Vermont

Stress Reduction
“I was very relaxed, more than other meditation or visualizations I’ve done. The process was very positive. I am hopeful and confident of the results to come.”
Sarah Forbes, Williston Vermont

“It was great to work with you. It was wonderfully relaxing. Anita has a real passion for her work and a soothing voice. I felt very safe and cared for. At the end of the session I got a cd to use at home to be able to recreate the experience on my own. I feel like I have gained a great tool for stress management.”
Dr. Mary Kintner, DC, RN , Jericho, Vermont

“I did continue to use EFT in some situations where I needed some more control, including getting to sleep, and for dispelling some nerves and negative feelings before a modeling assignment. EFT seems to work wonders every time. "
Anonymous, St. Albans, Vermont

Erectile Dysfunction
From a client who had experienced seven years of unexplained erection problems which got progressively worse: “Except for occasions of severe fatigue, erections are more frequent and "easy" than before the Hypnotherapy. I have looked after my CDs and will not hesitate to use them as needed. Thanks. ”
Anonymous, St. Albans , Vermont

K.S, a young woman, out of work on disability, made a plan to complement her traditional medical care with hypnosis and acupuncture to deal with the underlying issues of a recent debilitating
illness in her gastrointestinal system. Over several weeks she overcame her life long fear of vomiting in public, which was exacerbated by the illness since it made her frequently feel nauseous. After working together she was able to return to work, go to the grocery store (previously a large fear), and even go out with friends! In her words: " I am feeling much better. I am not 100% but I am learning to deal with life more on a day to day basis. The eft works great, and the hypnosis has been wonderful to me. I still get a little freaked out in grocery stores but I go! I am trying to push myself more and more everyday. Thank you so much for everything you have helped me with. It has been a long hard journey the past year and you were one of many that helped contribute to my successes."
K.S., Colchester, Vermont

“Janet” (named changed for confidentiality) came in to deal with a fibroid. Always busy with her work and mothering her young children, she had neglected the fibroid for years. It had reached the time that her doctor had told her she needed to make a decision about surgery. This is the point when she came to my office, the ten plus year old fibroid had grown to the size of a grapefruit in her uterus! It was making her bladder uncomfortable, she was always feeling the urge to use the bathroom and it was interfering with her self-image and her sex life. During the preliminary session it was obvious to the client that she had some self-care issues to overcome, mainly she had been in over-drive for too long. It was time to slow things down and listen to her body. After one stress reduction session, Janet reported she thought the fibroid felt smaller. We moved into regression to find the core belief that was feeding this fibroid. In regression, a time from her childhood revealed her father’s great disappointment in her. She was able to work this through in hypnosis. Awareness is more than 50% of the healing and it began right away. We worked with replacing this belief that she didn’t measure up, with a more positive message that supported her health goals and her overall well-being. Change is happening. More to come on this case, as it emerges...

Blushing / Anxiety
This client had been dealing with a blushing problem for 5 years. Gradually increasing over the years, it was occuring daily by the time she chose to work with Champlain Hypnosis. The blushing was interfering with her interactions with co-workers and and with strangers as well. The anticipation of it happening was causing her stress on a daily basis and she was also concerned her heart rate, high blood pressure and that the blushing would happen on her wedding day. Through hypnosis techniques and emotional freedom techniques, she has been able to control the blushing: "Things are going well for me right now. I have been feeling much less anxious at work and have had quite a few days where I didn't take the propranol to control the blushing. So that has been great and is keeping me feeling positive about the changes."

Habit / Teeth Grinding
"What brought me to Champlain Hypnosis was teeth grinding, likely caused by stress. With Anita's help, and in only a few sessions, I gained the mind-control tools to change my thinking about a larger range of the stressors in my life. The grinding has stopped and I am much more able to stay calm and relaxed, in general. I highly recommend her.
Andrea L., Burlington Vermont

Habit / Nail Biting
"Before going to Champlain Hypnosis, I was a nervous and uneasy individual. These traits led me to nail biting. Obviously, nail biting in a personal/professional setting is embarrassing along with not being healthy. When I met Anita, she set me at ease. The hypnosis that Anita administered was soothing, relaxing, and unbelievable. It was unbelievable in the sense, that I now continually talk about it amongst my friends and colleagues. Hypnosis has changed my life and has caused me to slow down and think about the important things in my life. Since my last appointment with Anita, I have stopped nail biting which is absolutely amazing because this is an ugly habit that I have always struggled with stemming from my youth. Believing in hypnosis and the process involved has made unimaginable transformations in my life."
Michael Ludwar, Williston Vermont

Anxiety / Depression
“I was feeling tremendous anxiety and depression, especially with regards to my health. This is an issue I have dealt with for a long time. Working with Anita I have gained more control over my response to anxiety triggers. Hypnotherapy has helped me have a better understanding of what my anxiety really means and its effect on my overall life and expectations. Anita is a positive, calm and extremely insightful person and working with her through hypnosis was not only fun and relaxing but incredibly productive for my overall health and well being. Thanks Anita.
Karen T. , Groton MA

Exercise Motivation
“I asked Anita to help with my motivation for a fitness plan. We discussed my goals for the plan, including number and length of workouts. During the session, Anita's approach allowed me to relax right away and I felt very calm yet alert during the hypnosis session. Her suggestions during the session have definitely had an effect. I no longer struggle to find the motivation for my workouts. In fact, it's just the opposite. I find reasons to schedule my exercise time no matter what else is going on.”
Fred Blythe, South Burlington Vermont

“Thanks for the CD. The hypnosis really gave me a jump start on losing weight. I am starting to exercise more. I joined a health club near my house which should help.”
Carol, Shelburne Vermont

Other Isuues
If your issue was not on the previous list, feel free to give me a call at 802-999-6444. There are many happy clients that I have helped succeed with a wide variety of things that aren't on my web pages. I'd be happy to talk with you about your issue and see if it's something I might be able to help you with.

medical hypnosisMayo Clinic 2005.  James Stewart, MD

“Despite substantial variation in techniques among the numerous reports, patients treated with hypnosis experienced substantial benefits for many different medical conditions.”

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